NEXT WEEK: New York City East Village food crawl 2012

Last year we failed to discover a New York City equivalent of the Mission District taco crawl. In 2012 we’re trying several different stand-and-eat joints in the East Village.

The crawl will kick off on Wednesday evening, September 27th, somewhere in the East Village. The exact time and meeting place is yet to be decided. If you’re interested in joining please contact us.

The exact route is yet to be decided, but here are the places we’re looking to visit.

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Image by Instant Vantage: CC BY-SA

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  1. Oo!!!! I live in NYC! :)
    I doubt I would be able to join in on the DP awesomeness, but I have some suggestions.

    I cannot suggest shake shack highly enough, and there is one kind of close by to where you guys have your current food locations. About a twenty minute walk if you walk slowly. Lines can be twenty minutes long and then suddenly shorten to only 5 minutes long, so be prepared. The longer the wait the better the food will be! :P

    A bit to the west is Astor place, which is where Cooper Union is located, considered by many to be one of the top, if not the best, Engineering Colleges out there. The students designed the new building themselves, and it is also an extremely energy efficient building, with some very good LEED certification. Feel free to check it out!

    There is, in my opinion at least, the best dollar pizza in Manhattan. I don’t know the name, but it is also at Astor place. I just realized the 2 bros you guys are looking at is the same pizza place I am talking about, heh. Looks like there are two on the same street as well! Can’t go wrong with this pizza place anyways.

    There is a pink berry right there for all you yogurt lovers, which does taste really good but is a tiny on the pricey side.

    If you guys are looking for other possible pizza places, feel free to check this link. I never buy pizza over a dollar in Manhattan anymore, waste of money in my opinion.

    For more ideas on good food in NYC, check out this blog from serious eats, I go to this site often for ideas on what to east, and it is a treasure trove of good food information.

    There is a really good french fry place right at astor place too, very close to the pizza place mentioned earlier. It is blocked by a moving truck in this case, so here is also a link to its yelp page. The goodness here is not from the fries themselves, which are alright, but from the possible sauces you can get. It is a little expensive, but damn is the sauce good. :P Check your change though, I once gave the guy a twenty and only received a single back only to realize when I was already home.

    The mac and cheese place you guys chose is a very good choice! Go for a “custom” one is what I suggest. I normally got bacon, breadcrumbs(free), cheddar and something else, and some other meat. It has been years so I have forgotten. If you want it “to go” then you have to go to the door next door, if you want to eat at a table on the spot then you go in the normal door. There are no seats in the “to go” area, which sucks since it normally takes at least ten minutes for them to make it.

    This is considered to be the best halal cart in all of Manhattan, and I agree somewhat. It is awfully far from where you guys are planning to have your food though, but if feeling adventurous or saving for another time I recommend you try it.

    Lately, if you guys are up for some major walking, I cannot recommend highly enough taking the south street ferry at least once in your lifetimes. It is free and takes you from the southern tip of Manhattan to Staten island, and you walk for a minute in a loop to get back onto the ferry to get back to Manhattan. You can do it as often as you want for free, no one will say anything, and you get a good view of the Statue of liberty as well as the financial district of Manhattan. For the best effect get on the ferry at sunset, round trip takes about forty minutes but it is awesome. Don’t go during rush hour though, you will get trampled. :P

    You can grab the Bull on the way down there! :P They say that its *I don’t know if I can say this on DP, sorry if it is against the rules* crotch and butt has been grabbed by so many people that it is polished and you can nearly see your reflection in them! Last time I checked was over four years ago, and back then it was close to such a level, so it may be true. If anyone of you is a photographer and has a capable camera that can handle low light situations and a tripod, then Manhattan at night time is a gold mine of awesome picture possibilities, especially the financial district.

    Anyways, that is all that I can think up of at the moment. Are you guys going to be tourists here or do you all actually live in NYC? If you guys live here than you probably already know most if not all of the stuff I just typed up, but at least it will come in handy for people visiting NYC. :P Have fun guys!

    1. I also forgot to mention. If you guys are not into the whole beer thing, cheap drinks should be easy to find. Arizona is available for just a dollar at nearly each store. The price is put onto the drink can itself, and the drink is very large, more than enough for a few hours. Brisk also did the same thing just recently, and for a dollar you cannot get more drink for cheaper. Walgreens normally has the coldest refrigerators that store these drinks, and do not charge tax on top the dollar, so I suggest going there if you want to get these huge dollar drinks.

    2. Thanks so much, awesome suggestions. It took us hours to put together what you knew right away :)

      I’m actually not fond of New York, and visit only when I have to. I feel like it’s too spread apart and car-oriented, the public transit is in a shocking state (even in major areas), and it’s so freakishly expensive for what you get.

      I love cities, I mostly live in the exact center of a second-tier world city. My idea of a good time is wandering a big city and eating everything in sight. New York has never satisfied that for me. I did a lot of research for this crawl – and avoided the conference hotel at the end of the 7 line (?) in flushing – hoping to find a little more enjoyment this year ;)

      At least that is the premise of the geek tour video narrative :D

      1. I am saddened by the dislike towards NYC, but to each their own I guess. :P

        I feel completely the opposite about NYC, and consider everything to be very close to each other and that there is no need for a car when $2.25 will get you anywhere in NYC at any time, often times faster than a car too. Yes, our metro is falling apart, but our trains are not that bad, except the R and 7 trains, which seem to be from before the cold war. My main thing with NYC is the scale of it all, but I may loose that love for it when I visit Tokyo or some other bigger city, Anyways, a list tidbit of information, if you want to be able to wander around the city, then avoid very dense streets (pedestrian wise) and instead walk in central park. I have yet to see a large city have such a well kept and large park as Central Park.

        Also, anyone who lives in Manhattan is crazy in my opinion, it is indeed horrifically expensive there compared to just a few minutes out of Manhattan by a train.

        And yet another last thing, if you guys are up for some sweet food, check out Little Red Hen. Everything in there is overpriced to hell except the red velvet cheese cake, my god that thing is amazing! Expensive, but oh so good!

        And even another last thing! This is my favorite place in Manhattan, provides a good contrast between the billions of dollars of steel and concrete and the huge park just across the street. In the mall building thing on the upper floor you have the Samsung experience, which is alright but I mainly went there to play on their very expensive alien ware machine. They have a restaurant on the top floor but it is alright at best. At the bottom floor they have a food market thing which sells godly brownies. Last time I was there when it was night out, I got brownies, went to the fountain in the middle of Columbus circle, and just sat around eating and watching all the cars drive by, some random people skateboarding, and all the people walking around. It was truly an eye opening experience and surprisingly calming.

        Anyways, have fun in NYC! Hopefully it shall show you its good side this year! :)

      2. >>but I may loose that love for it when I visit Tokyo or some other bigger city

        Tokyo is my favorite :) Most other cities feel like cereal box novelty prizes after Tokyo.

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