VIDEO #41: New York Trip OHS, Geek Tour, Maker Faire 2012

New York Global Geek Tour 2012 is presented in the video above. We follow our fearless leader as he finds his place in the Big Apple. There’s food, toys, and geeks aplenty. The tour starts with the East Village food crawl. Watch a merry band of hackers battle good food and drinks. We hit Oh! […]

Global Geek Tour New York schedule

The New York Global Geek tour runs from September 26th (Wednesday) until the 30th (Sunday). If you’re in town for the Maker Faire or Open Hardware Summit and you’d like to join us for a tasty food crawl (Wednesday) or a tour of NYC electronics stores (Friday) please contact us for more info. Full schedule […]

NEXT WEEK: New York City East Village food crawl 2012

Last year we failed to discover a New York City equivalent of the Mission District taco crawl. In 2012 we’re trying several different stand-and-eat joints in the East Village. The crawl will kick off on Wednesday evening, September 27th, somewhere in the East Village. The exact time and meeting place is yet to be decided. […]

NEXT WEEK: New York Global Geek Tour 2012

Next week we are heading for the World Maker Faire 2012 held in New York. We’ll also be attending the Open Hardware Summit 2012 during the same week to give a presentation on USB and open hardware. As always we try to plan some trip to local electronics shop, and eat some great stuff along […]