Global Geek Shenzhen: How not to get lost in the candy store

The SEG Market in Shenzhen, and the other markets too, are a maze packed with lots of small shops and goodies. It’s hard to find that shop with a special bargain again after you wander away. Below the fold are some tips for finding your way around the markets.

This is the floor plan of the 1st floor of the SEG Market. It’s got the usual stuff like emergency exits and fire prevention equipment, but we’re more interested in the shop numbers listed here.

On the first floor of SEG all the shops have a number like 1XNNN. The first digit (1) is the floor. The second digit (X) is the section number.  The remaining digits (NNN) are the shop number.

For example, we wanted some pogo test pins from a shop and had their business card. The shop number is 1C021 (right side, under the line). It’s located on the first floor, section C, shop 021. With the help of the floor plan and the business card we found the shop again. Unfortunately the owner was out, so he got our pogo pins from another shop instead.

Always look around, get a business card, compare, and revisit the shop. Shop owners like customers that return and usually offered a better price.

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  1. Great stuff… I’ve been to Seg Market (and the others in the area) many times, and I get lost ALL the time.

    Nothing worse than saying “I’ll be back in 20 minutes, once you have the bag of parts that I’ve just paid for”, going to another stall, and then losing your way back…

  2. I’ve been in SZ for three months two years ago, and when I came to Hua Qiang Bei for the first time (and the times followed it) I felt the same. Getting lost in a candy store.

  3. Hope to find my way to SEG market this week so that i could get the best deals on the parts i would need to build my budget Gaming Pc.

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