Free PCB: guess where @dangerousproto is going with @Finnair

Posted on Thursday, April 5th, 2012 in Free PCBs by DP

Ian and Sjaak are about to fly Finnair to another Global Geek Tour destination. Four random people who guess where we’re going will get free PCB codes tomorrow morning. Post a comment below, or help us try to get free stuff from Finnair by tweeting your answer on Twitter.

Remember, there’s two ways to get a code:

  • Leave a comment here with your guess. We’ll choose two random correct answers and send out coupons tomorrow
  • Retweet or reply on Twitter with @dangerousproto and @Finnair in your tweet to help us shamelessly try to score free stuff from Finnair’s marketing department. We’ll choose two random tweets tomorrow, no guess necessary

Thanks for helping us try to score free stuff. We’ll be back with pictures and video next week.

Be sure to check out our Akihabara, and Seoul video tours.

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49 Responses to “Free PCB: guess where @dangerousproto is going with @Finnair”

  1. xristos-marios says:

    You are going to Shenzen !Get us some free stuff(like super flux and some pro knobs :D)

  2. Mechengineer says:

    Shenzen to get some more goodies!

  3. Hunter Scott says:

    Apliu Street in Hong Kong, perhaps? You all crack me up with your attempts to get free Finnair stuff.

  4. Jaxxco says:

    You are going to SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen!

  5. vUser says:

    Hong Kong

  6. twinpeaks says:

    I would say Shenzhen, too.

  7. Knight says:

    I guess it maybe Taiwan

  8. mcookieman says:

    Hong Kong!? when I went, I found motorized rotary pots for 8HKD. apliu st was a bit disappointing though, most street side stalls only sell phone cases and torches.

  9. Bruce Gentle says:

    A wiggles concert!

  10. nobleo says:

    I guess it’s Shenzen

  11. magetoo says:

    I’ll go with the minority here and say HK / Apliu, hope you have better luck than mcookieman above though.

  12. voidptr says:

    Sjaak said:
    “Friday – Apliu Street electronics market in Hong Kong, maybe Hong Kong hacker space and a meeting with the guy doing open source manufacturing ($300 3D printer) ”

    i guess your are going there ! you must meet that guy! we all NEED affordable 3D printing !!! :o)

  13. Saaknemah says:

    Hong Kong

  14. GinPB says:


  15. juan delacosta says:


  16. juan delacosta says:

    Apliu Street in Hong Kong, and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China.

  17. Hendrik Lipka says:

    First Hong Kong (Apliu Street), then Shenzen (Maker Faire), then back to Hong Kong.

  18. Dimitris Saltas says:

    I would say Shenzhen.

  19. eff zog says:

    Yup, me too, Apliu street and SEG.
    That photograph shouts budding bro-mance in progress, sort of like bert and ernie from the Muppets. … Actually exactly like bert and ernie from the muppets. Not that there is anything wrong with that sort of thing, just sayin’.

  20. Hardcorefs says:

    it is really not rocket science…..

    In April 2012 we visit Apliu Street in Hong Kong, and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China.

    Google Map layer to print or take on your phone
    Hong Kong and Shenzhen schedule 2012

    But Apliu Street is a serious waste of time, many of the component places have closed down and now sell overpriced LED lighting.

  21. Noy says:

    To the great market @shenzen

  22. rxdtxd says:

    Yup, China, you’ve got it on the wiki: first Apliu Market in Hong Kong, then Maker Faire in Shenzhen.

    It’s hard to guess when the answer is online. :)

  23. rxdtxd says:

    P.S. Also, there’s nothing to retweet (yet?).

  24. Jiri says:

    I wish you go to Czech (Schengen) to get some good beer, but I am afraid that you are going to Shenzhen instead :-)

  25. WallaceIT says:

    SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen!

  26. Vlatko says:

    Apliu Street in Hong Kong and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China.

  27. kiran says:

    Apliu Street in Hong Kong, and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China – Answer is in the question!!!

  28. Patrick says:

    You visit Apliu Street in Hong Kong, and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China, I guess.

  29. magetoo says:

    Since the cat is well and truly out of the bag now, I guess that the draw has to be limited to just those who posted before 8:06 and at least had to figure out where to look for themselves.

    (That I posted at 8:04 naturally has absolutely nothing to do with this observation!)

  30. Cody says:

    Shenzhen in China is my guess

  31. Dan says:


  32. Cosmin says:

    Apliu Street in Hong Kong, and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen, China.

  33. Arup says:

    Obviously Apliu Street & SEG Electronics Market.
    But why this post isn’t tweeted by @dangerousproto yet?

  34. Zeta says:

    China Maker faire and SEG Electronics Market in Shenzhen!

  35. Steve Sousa says:

    Hong Kong!

  36. 8Ball says:

    Hong Kong and Shenzhen!

  37. Bruce says:

    Shenzen! I want to see Shenzen!

  38. pietja says:

    To bad i cant guess because i have to many PCB’s already.

  39. Peter says:

    Shenzen. Want to go some day.

  40. oliver says:

    Schenzen, where every geek wants to go!

  41. Bill says:

    To visit Seeed Studio in Shenzhen, China?

  42. Ian says:

    Thanks everyone. We’re on our way out to Aplui market and Shim Shui Po neighborhood right now. Internet is fantastic here, we we’ll be uploading pictures as we go.

  43. eric says:

    Hong Kong & Shenzen

  44. ray smith says:

    Shenzen…hey, while your there…could you pick me up graphene sheets?…they are about 8×10 inches and should only cost ya like a buck or two….hard to find here in the states…just not something radio shack keeps on hand and sigma, well, thats another story….

  45. Joe says:

    Hong Kong & Shenzen

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