Global Geek Tour: Yongsan computer parts stores in Seonin Plaza

The computer parts market in┬áSeonin Plaza is awe inspiring. There’s a flea market of vendors surround the building, and inside there’s more than a hundred shops on multiple floors selling mother boards, graphics cards, memory, hard drives, monitors, cases, MODer bling, and more. Most stores in Yongsan sell the same kind of consumer electronics that […]

Global Geek Tour: Yongsan electronic component stores

We’re computer geeks and gadget freaks like anyone else, but we always make a beeline for the component stores. It’s the stuff with the most serious geek factor, and the kind of thing we don’t have at home. The basement floor of ETLand is a maze with 50 or 60 component shops. All were in […]

Global Geek Tour: Overview of Yongsan electronics market

Yongsan is probably Seoul’s best known electronics market. The market is made up of a sprawling group of 5-6 floor buildings around Yongsan station, as well as temporary stands and flea markets outside. Each area has hundreds of small electronics retailers, as well as a heavy presence of fried Korean street food. You’ll find a […]

Global Geek Tour: Scouting the markets in Seoul, South Korea

Fly thirty hours round trip to spend 48 hours scouting electronics markets in Seoul? Yeah, we did that. Seoul isn’t known for its markets like Tokyo or Shenzhen – that’s right, markets, we discovered more than one – but with electronics giants like Samsung based here there’s a huge and thriving scene. It’s totally different […]