Global Geek Tour: Overview of Yongsan electronics market

Yongsan is probably Seoul’s best known electronics market. The market is made up of a sprawling group of 5-6 floor buildings around Yongsan station, as well as temporary stands and flea markets outside. Each area has hundreds of small electronics retailers, as well as a heavy presence of fried Korean street food.

You’ll find a huge variety of electronics, mostly computers, video games, cell phones, and household appliances. Electronic components are limited to one floor of one building, but the selection is impressive. Prices are cheap compared to other places in South Korea, but with exchange rates and brick-and-mortar markups it’s still way cheaper to buy stuff at home online.

The overview map is made from our notes, see the full version (and Inkscape source) on the wiki.

  • ETLand: electronic parts (basement), computers, cellphones, cameras (top)
  • Najin Arcade: new and retro video games
  • Seonin Plaza: computer parts, mother boards, graphics cards, memory, etc, computer paradise. Amazing selection!
  • Terminal Shopping Center: computers, cellphones, cameras, MP3 players
  • EPark Mall: computers, cellphones, cameras, MP3 players
  • Yongsan Station: metro and train station. Find the exit and turn right

All this info is also on our Global Geek Tour Seoul Google Maps layer. Load it on your phone or print it before taking your own tour.

Pictures of the main buildings below the break. Detailed posts on our favorites are next.

ET Land is the silver building to the left. It has electronic component vendors in the basement. The Terminal Mall and covered pedestrian bridge are in the foreground.

Sunin Plaza, the biggest collection of computer parts we’ve ever seen.

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  1. How are you? Right now I am in Korea, I want to buy a PIC microcontroller programmer kit but I do not which shop and floor to get it at Yongsan electronic market. Can anyone, please help me. I thank you in advance

  2. Hi – Thanks for all of the helpful information. I’m actually looking for a document scanner (Epson mainly). Would you happen to know where they sell such peripherals in Seoul (in Yongsan esp.)? Thanks in advance.

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