Global Geek Tour: Cheonggyecheon arcade game repair and restoration in ‘building B’

Building B has an entire floor, running half the length of Cheonggyecheon, with arcade game restoration shops. There were buttons and replacement part shops, repair shops, and old arcade games everywhere. This isn’t a retail outlet like Super Potato in Akihabara. You can definitely pick up spare parts for your own restoration, but there’s no […]

Global Geek Tour:Cheonggyecheon acrylic, metal, and glass work

Retail is only a small part of Cheonggyecheon, there’s a ton of work going on too. On one block there’s a dozen laser cutting shops. In another area there’s metal working, and even a cluster of glass blowers making neon and lab glass.

Global Geek Tour: Cheonggyecheon materials, tools, and equipment

Materials and tools for making are everywhere in Cheonggyecheon. This shop sells hand tools and light equipment like air compressors. We also spotted a dozen stands selling nothing but rivets, bolts, washers, or other fasteners. More materials shops below.

Global Geek Tour: Cheonggyecheon maze of electronic component stores

The northwest quarter is primarily through-hole electronics parts, switches, probes and sensors – all our favorite market stuff. Pathways snake by stands and shops the size of garages. Like at Yongsan, most shops have a product display in the window, and orders are filled from big bags. We guess this part is bigger than the […]

Global Geek Tour: Map of Cheonggyecheon electronics market

Yongsan was cool, but if that was the end of the trip we’d go home disappointed. There were some good component stores, and a world-class computer market, but it was mostly cameras, TVs, netbooks, cellphones, and other consumer electronics. Thankfully Hacker Space Seoul and a few commenters turned us onto Cheonggyecheon, Seoul’s hidden geek paradise. […]

Global Geek Tour: Scouting the markets in Seoul, South Korea

Fly thirty hours round trip to spend 48 hours scouting electronics markets in Seoul? Yeah, we did that. Seoul isn’t known for its markets like Tokyo or Shenzhen – that’s right, markets, we discovered more than one – but with electronics giants like Samsung based here there’s a huge and thriving scene. It’s totally different […]