Global Geek Tour: Scouting the markets in Seoul, South Korea

Fly thirty hours round trip to spend 48 hours scouting electronics markets in Seoul? Yeah, we did that.

Seoul isn’t known for its markets like Tokyo or Shenzhen – that’s right, markets, we discovered more than one – but with electronics giants like Samsung based here there’s a huge and thriving scene. It’s totally different than Akihabara in Tokyo, and we’ll be able compare it to the SEG market in a few weeks.

Later this year we’ll make the actual Global Geek Tour video in Seoul. Shooting the Akihabara video we learned it’s about impossible to finish in one trip. There’s too many unknowns, and most of us spend the first trip gawking speechless. Scouting the location is essential, and this weekend we had a tiny window to do that.

All day we’ll run photos from the electronics markets of Seoul. We shot some video too, look for that on Thursday.

Have we plugged Finnair yet? Nope? It was another amazingly perfect flight with Finnair. We even joined Finnair Plus, with all these flights we’re racking up the miles. Now we’re done, on to the pictures.

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