Global Geek Tour: Yongsan computer parts stores in Seonin Plaza

The computer parts market in Seonin Plaza is awe inspiring. There’s a flea market of vendors surround the building, and inside there’s more than a hundred shops on multiple floors selling mother boards, graphics cards, memory, hard drives, monitors, cases, MODer bling, and more.

Most stores in Yongsan sell the same kind of consumer electronics that you find anywhere – TVs, MP3 players, cellphones, household appliances. Seonin Plaza is the real gem, more unique and diverse than the component market in the basement of ETLand. There’s computer stuff on a scale unlike anything we’ve seen before.

We cross referenced the price of new graphics cards, motherboards, and other parts with Google Shopping results. Prices are generally the same as online shops in the US, but they weren’t lower. Imagine picking up a replacement motherboard at online prices locally, instead of waiting for Newegg to deliver.

A store specializing in PC fans and ventilation. All sizes, colors, light-up, etc.

A motherboard and power supply shop. They had numerous models of most major motherboard brands on stock.

Computer parts stands spill out into the area surrounding Seonin Plaza in an outdoor flea market. There’s lots of fried Korean street food out here if you get hungry.

More outdoor stalls surrounding Seonin Plaza. Motherboards, and motherboard + CPU combos. All about the same as online prices in the US.

The hallways of Seonin Plaza. These go on for blocks, and wind between multiple floors, buildings, and outdoor areas.

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