Workshop Update for May 18th, 2012

Today we’re is setting up our booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire, and digesting all the tacos from yesterday’s Dangerous Taco Crawl 2012. Firmware for the Part Ninja is making progress. It is now capable of figuring out the part, and its pinout, with consistency. There’s still some calibration to be done, but all […]

Dangerous Taco Crawl pics

Thursday before Maker Faire is the Dangerous Taco Crawl through the Mission District, starting at the Noisebridge hackerspace. Many will start. Not all will finish. Huge thanks to Zach, Jaren, Vin, Fin, Kieth, Josh, John, Louis, Chris, and Jeff. Twelve hackers conquered the taco crawl in 2012. Saturday starts MF2012. These pictures came from the […]