App note: Building a battery operated auto ranging DVM with the ICL7106

Intersil’s application note (PDF!) on building a battery operated auto ranging DVM with the ICL7106: This application note describes a technique for auto-ranging a battery operated DVM suitable for panel meter applications. Also, circuit ideas will be presented for conductance and resistance measurement, 9V battery and 5V supply operations, and current measurement.

Sound activated switch

A sound activated switch project by Rajkumar Sharma of Electronics Lab: Clap switch/Sound-activated switch designed around op-amp, flip-flop and popular 555 IC. Switch avoids false triggering by using 2-clap sound. Clapping sound is received by a microphone, the microphone changes the sound wave to electrical wave which is further amplified by op-amp. 555 timer IC […]

Push button toggle switch, old style

Bertho of Vagrearg writes: I recently answered a question about how a specific circuit worked and I was so intrigued that I just needed to write down my findings and share it. The circuit uses a single (cheap) push-button to make the output toggle with debouncing and no-delay switching. The circuit used originally two NOR-gates and […]

Multi-processor test board for open source USB stack development

An open source USB stack for PIC microcontrollers has evolved in the forum over the last year. It supports a number of USB-enabled PICs, and a good developer would test each chip before each release. We’ve been crowd sourcing that testing in the forum, but now prolific forum member Mats is designing a PCB so […]

Connect multiple tact switches to a single microcontroller pin

How to get input from multiple tact switches with a single input pin: A technique of interfacing multiple tact switches using a single ADC input pin was demonstrated using the PIC12F683 microcontroller. A digital input from four tact switches were individually read through the AN0 ADC channel and displayed it back on an LED. While […]

Introduction to switches

Make has an introduction to various switches: Easily overlooked, but elemental to electronics hardware, the manually operated switch is the simplest of electromechanical devices — and likely the most familiar. While the most basic switch is… well, quite basic, there’s a crazy-huge variety of switch types and sizes available to the electronics maker nowadays. Those […]