Bus Pirate firmware v5.3 development

Bus Pirate firmware v5.3 is on track for release later this week. This will have some minor bug fixes, upgrades, and new features. You can download the latest nightly release from SVN. Nightlies are usually very stable, but new features may not be completely finalized.

  • Reviewed and updated terminal text
  • SPI sniffer update (reduced minimum CS delay from 50us to 120ns)
  • Removed sniff while CS high option from SPI sniffer (for now)
  • I2C sniffer update (increased max speed from ~70kHz to >100kHz)
  • Corrected LSB/MSB menu quirks
  • Added least significant input/output to all modes
  • Added |X command to convert byte X bitorder
  • Code cleanup: removed allowLSB and allowPULLUP variables

These updates have already gone into the nightly. If you have other requests please let us know in the v5.3 development thread.

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