DirtyPCBs adds full range of steel and framed stencils

  Stencils for solder paste and red glue are now available in a bunch of standard sizes for solder paste/red glue dispensers. You can choose from all the options offered by our favorite stencil maker: Purposes: Solder paste for surface mount component reflow process. Red glue for two-sided or through hole board wave soldering process […]

Another DIY Solder Paste Stencil – Etched soda can

A few days ago we posted about using soda pop cans as a DIY solder paste stencil.¬†Alistair made a similar stencil about a year ago. He documented the process on his blog, so check it out if you want to try soda pop solder paste stencils yourself. I described a similar method to this on […]

Solder paste stencil review

Check out this solder paste stencil review [PDF!], including differences between laser cut and chemically etched stencils: Page 11 has nice photos comparing three stencil production methods, chemical, laser, and electro-form. There is good information, scattered through-out. pg 15 to paraphrase “go slower!” seems a key pattern, it’s repeated for other things like the spreader […]