DirtyPCBs adds full range of steel and framed stencils



Stencils for solder paste and red glue are now available in a bunch of standard sizes for solder paste/red glue dispensers. You can choose from all the options offered by our favorite stencil maker:

  • Purposes: Solder paste for surface mount component reflow process. Red glue for two-sided or through hole board wave soldering process
  • Alignment: quarter points for automated dispensers, and through hole for hand application
  • Polishing process: hand sanded (for most stuff) or electrolytic (for BGA footprints)
  • Engineering options: your paste layer (untouched), auto (China standard), auto with approval by PDF

We’ve been playing with the Neoden4 pick and place machine in a mini production line and needed a better way to order stencils with advanced options. Give us a shout if we missed any options you need!

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