Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes booth

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 in conferences, Maker Faire by DP

Seeed was kind enough to make us a banner. Lots of makers have these in the US, but we never think far enough ahead to get it done. Look for it in California and New York this summer.

More photos below the fold.

Maker Faire Shenzhen was top-notch. They hooked us up with multiple translators so everyone felt comfortable communicating. This was a really classy touch that helped us, and the participants, forge better relationships and understanding. Here’s Sjaak, Wendy, and Ian. Wendy was our primary translator for most of the day.

Yoshi, a maker we met in Japan, stops by with a friend. There were Maker Faire participants from Japan, the United States, Canada, German, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, just to name a few.

Sjaak makes some impromptu adjustments to a new project demo moments before the Maker Faire starts.

There’s never a break from the crowds at any Maker Faire. Be prepared to talk non-stop, good luck getting lunch.

David Li, founder of China’s first hacker space, stops by.

Dangerous Prototypes in Make Magazine’s China edition. Right next to Adafruit, score!

Make Magazine’s China editor stops by for an autograph.

Sjaak demonstrates the Part Ninja semiconductor tester.

Our Shenzhen Maker Faire team. Skyler the roving media provider, Ian on Bus Pirate, and Sjaak in his second gamer t-shirt. Keep an eye out this week, can you spot all 6 of Sjaak’s gamer ts?

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6 Responses to “Maker Faire Shenzhen China: Dangerous Prototypes booth”

  1. vimark says:

    Thumbs up guys

  2. Arup says:

    all 6 of Sjaak’s gamer ts? Today was Mario’s ts.
    Anyways, where’s Lynn?

  3. philip says:

    NIce! I hope i can go to maker faire too :)

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