Vote in the 2013 Hackerspace Challenge

Radio Shack and Popular Mechanics are sponsoring a Hackerspace Challenge designed to determine which of two competing finalists best exemplifies the theme ” From something old, make something new.” The contest pits the Milwaukee Makerspace Morgifying Marble Manipulation Machine (aka: M6) against Inspiration Labs’ Police Callbox Lander (a Biofeedback-Controlled Game) with the winner taking a […]

DIY electomagnetic interference detector

Popular Mechanics presents this simple DIY electromagnetic interference (EMI) detector project. It’s Arduino based and requires only an 8-ohm speaker, 1-megaohm resistor and 3–5 feet of insulated solid core wire. Details on this easy beginner’s project can be found on the Popular Mechanics website, with links to the Arduino sketch on the author’s Github page.