Radio Shack contest: vote in the East-West Hackerspace Challenge

Radio Shack has announced a contest to decide which of two hackerspaces produced the more awesome project. RS says the voting is open through August 15, 2012 and one winner drawn at random from the voters will receive a $1,000 RadioShack Gift Card.

Visit the contest voting page to view videos of the entries by Massachusetts based Artisan’s Asylum (Laser Harp) vs. California’s Ace Monster Toys (Byte Blaster).

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  1. Hmmm;
    This is what I get:
    Error Details: Error 205 (insufficient resources)

    Also the East Coast laser is NOT veiwable for me (linux/firefox).
    Just a black screen.

    Mick M

  2. Wow RS invested $1500 (of which 1000 came back to their stores).. not worth promoting and giving them free advertising.

    1. Actually it’s $2800 ($250 initial money to each team * 2, $1000 cash to winner, $300 gift card to loser, $1000 gift card to lucky voter). Plus three or four pages talking about hackerspaces in the August issue of Popular Mechanics magazine. Radioshack is trying to become more than just a place to get cellphone contracts apparently, they actually are carrying some diy electronics stuff now (even if they only stock TWO servo motors per store. Our project needed six servos, I felt a bit silly going to three radioshacks)

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