App note: Guidelines for reliable long line 1-wire networks

Here’s a guidelines for reliable 1-Wire Network from Maxim: The 1-Wire protocol was originally designed to facilitate communication with nearby devices on a short connection. 1-Wire was also a way to add auxiliary memory on a single microprocessor port pin. Methods were later developed to extend the 1-Wire protocol to network applications well beyond the […]

Processor quick start guides

The new processor quick start guides were a big hit. Maff^ contributed a basic guide to the AVR, and Dpropicweb greatly expanded the PIC guides. We finished the MSP430 guide, and added new guides for the Coolrunner-II CPLD and Spartan 3 FPGA (in progress). Check out all the guides, and add one for your favorite […]

Processor quick start guides

Getting started with a new processor family is a minefield. Our new quick start guides for the PIC, LPC ARM, and STM32 ARM, are a collection of notes on these processor families. If you’re already familiar with one processor, these condensed guides can help you get started on a whole new platform without scouring the […]

Make's 2009 open source hardware guide

Dangerous Prototypes made it into Make’s open source hardware guide 2009! We got interested in open source hardware while reading Make and Hack a Day, this is a really special accomplishment for us. Our hackable LED Christmas ornament is featured on the cover. The web platform, #twatch, and Bus Pirate are all listed in the […]