App note: Solutions for radio frequency electromagnetic interference in amplifier circuits

Solutions for radio frequency electromagnetic interference in amplifier circuits from Microchip, app note can be found here: EMI is a real problem today and it can affect most electronic devices, including medical and avionics equipment. Modern devices include EMI filters to ensure the proper operation of equipment in harsh EMI environments. This application note demonstrates that the […]

Fast PWM and electromagnetic interference

Marios Andreopoulos writes: A few days ago I wrote a blog post about Arduino and EMI. By using fast PWM and a plain breadboard wire, I was able to detect electromagnetic interference using a usb TV tuner, with its antenna near my circuit. Not only that, but by manipulating duty cycle to create a primitive […]

DIY electomagnetic interference detector

Popular Mechanics presents this simple DIY electromagnetic interference (EMI) detector project. It’s Arduino based and requires only an 8-ohm speaker, 1-megaohm resistor and 3–5 feet of insulated solid core wire. Details on this easy beginner’s project can be found on the Popular Mechanics website, with links to the Arduino sketch on the author’s Github page.

Designing PCBs for automotive applications

This application note gives PCB design tips for reducing EMI in automotive environments. A lot of the advise can be applied to any PCB layout. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is an important part of design verification for serializer/deserializer (SerDes) devices in automotive applications. EMI and EMC must be considered early in […]