Week in (p)review: September 12, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past week, in case you missed them: An EventGhost plugin for the USB IR Toy The final USB LCD backpack design was posted A PIC programming tutorial An updated Bus Pirate v4 design is in the forum for review Software is in development for the LCD backpack Discussion continues on […]

EventGhost plugin for the IR Toy

EventGhost now supports the USB IR Toy directly via a new plugin, download it here. EventGhost is an open source program that converts remote control signals to actions on a computer. The IR Toy already works with EventGhost in IRman-compatible mode and with the WinLIRC plugin. This new plugin adds direct support using the EventGhost […]

USB IR Toy firmware v06, bounty

USB Infrared toy firmware v06 is ready to download. The IR sample mode now includes a transmit command, see the updated documentation. This download contains the latest firmware, source, and hardware. Changed versioning from v1.xx to Vxx (this release is v06 instead of v1.06) Transmit added to IR sample mode Transmit frequency adjustable in IR […]