App note: Driving LEDs with a PIC Microcontroller

An App note from OSRAM on an Intelligent control circuitry example using a PIC Microcontroller. Link here (PDF) Nowadays, applications increasingly make use of LEDs as a replacement for traditional light bulbs. For example, LEDs are frequently used in the design of automobile tail lights, signal lights, traffic signals, and variable message signs. LEDs provide […]

Nokia 5110 screen module with PIC microcontroller and Oshonsoft

Chris Holden made a font library for a Nokia 5110 display using a PIC microcontroller and Oshonsoft. He writes: Having left the 1980’s behind, we decided to write our own “libraries” to write text onto the Nokia 5100 display, using a PIC microcontroller. The code below was written for a 16F877a (because it was the first […]

App note: 1-Wire communication with a Microchip PICmicro microcontroller

Here’s an app note from Maxim on interfacing 1-Wire communications device with PIC microcontroller: Several of Maxim’s products contain a 1-Wire® communication interface and are used in a variety of applications. These applications may include interfacing to one of the popular PICmicros® (PICs) from Microchip. To facilitate easy interface between a 1-Wire device and a peripheral interface controller (PIC) […]

Emergency excuse generator for the office

Need a great excuse for a skipped meeting or late report? The developer of the Mars Clock has an advanced excuse generator that will get you out of a jam. A PIC 16F690 uses a library of business speak to produce random business-sounding excuses: “I had to bring the ROI estimates in sync with our […]

Logic Sniffer: Windows GUI upgrade utility

dogsbody released a new version of his Windows GUI upgrade utility for the Logic Sniffer. It now upgrades both the PIC microcontroller an the FPGA ROM chip: I’ve updated my Windows GUI OLS loader to support programming PIC firmware. There are no extra knobs or buttons needed. Just select an image file, and the loader […]