App note: Eye safety of IREDs used in lamp applications

This application note from OSRAM describes the possible hazards of infrared LEDs (IREDs) used for lamp applications with respect to the IEC-62471 standard and how to classify IREDs according to different risk groups. Link here (PDF) As the radiated optical power of light emitting diodes (LEDs) has increased in recent years, the issue of eye […]

App note: Projection with LED light sources

LEDs are now mostly used in light projection systems due to their low power requirements, long life and robustness. Here’s an app note from OSRAM for proper integrations on these projection LEDs. Link here (PDF) This application note provides insights into the use of LED light sources for projection applications. An overview of LED projection […]

App note: Potting protection for outdoor LED video walls and signs

LED signs and large LED video panels are always subjected to harsh environment resulting to corrosion to their pcb mountings, here’s an app note from OSRAM about potting these LED panels for protection. Link here (PDF) This note provides basic information about the potting of flat SMT LEDs in video wall and signage applications. Thereby […]

App note: PointLED® – It’s nice to be different

New SMD LED design from OSRAM ideal for mounting on PCB holes for illumination. Link here (PDF) This application note provides insight into the universally deployable and flexibly mountable light source of the PointLED® product family. A fundamental overview of the LED construction as well as the optical and electrical characteristics and performance of the […]

App note: Chemical compatibility of LEDs

An app note(PDF) from OSRAM on LED stresses due to chemical compatibilities on their applications. The performance and stability of light emitting diodes (LEDs) may be influenced by various chemical incompatibilities arising from chemicals and materials used, amongst other things, in luminaire construction, or by gases in the proximate environment of LEDs during field operation. […]

App note: Surface mount LEDs- applications

How to use SMD LEDs to replace through hole LEDs, this app note (PDF) from OSRAM discusses about light guides/pipes, backlighting and lenses to channel its display efficiently. The use of SMT-TOPLED varies greatly from the use of traditional through hole LEDs. Historically through hole LEDs have been incorporated directly into front panels using the […]