Global Geek Tour New York schedule

The New York Global Geek tour runs from September 26th (Wednesday) until the 30th (Sunday). If you’re in town for the Maker Faire or Open Hardware Summit and you’d like to join us for a tasty food crawl (Wednesday) or a tour of NYC electronics stores (Friday) please contact us for more info. Full schedule follows below, and latest updates will be on the wiki.

Wednesday 26.9.2012

Last year we failed to discover a New York City equivalent of San Francisco’s Mission District Taco crawl. In 2012 we’re trying several different stand-and-eat joints in the East Village. We’ll go from place to place and try stuff out. There’s plenty of pub stops along the way to wash everything down. If you’re in town for the Open Hardware Summit or Maker Faire please join us!

The crawl will kick off on Wednesday evening, September 27th, somewhere in the East Village. The exact time and meeting place is yet to be decided. If you’re interested in joining please contact us.

Thursday 27.9.2012


In the 3:00 pm manufacturing section Ian will give a 10 minute talk on the history and problems of using USB with open hardware.

Friday 28.9.2012


In the afternoon we’ll take a brief Global Geek Tour of New York. We’ll probably start at the Hack Manhattan hackerspace, then visit a few stores in Manhattan before heading out to a store in Brooklyn.


  • Hack Manhattan hackerspace – A good meeting point
  • Radio Shack @ 781 Broadway near NYU – Supposed to have the best selection of parts and Arduinos
  • 269 Electronics – Soldering supplies and kits, tools, some parts, HAM Radio stuff. No surface mount parts
  • Argo Electronics – Used gear, surplus parts, connectors, mostly junk
  • Leeds Radio in Brooklyn – Tubes, connectors, enclosures, switches. Stop at Brooklyn Brewery on the way (see food map)
  • Maker Faire setup party

The tour ends at the Maker Faire Setup party in Brooklyn. You generally need to be a registered maker to get in, but sometimes there’s extra passes or a lenient gate operator.

Saturday 29.9.2012


We’ll be at our booth, please stop by! At 2:30 on Saturday Ian will give a presentation on different ways open hardware is being manufactured, probably in the Maker Shed.

Last year NYC Resistor hackerspace had a great party on Saturday night. It’s over an hour to the space, but well worth it. We hope they do it again this year, but don’t have confirmation yet.

Sunday 30.9.2012

  • New York Maker Faire 2012
  • Maker Faire Closing Party

We’ll be at our booth, please stop by!

A closing party would be fun. Most people are exhausted, and there wasn’t one last year.

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