App note: MIC2039 single input, stack configuration for high current applications


An app note (PDF) from MICREL on their MIC2039 stackable switches with programmable current limiter.

Because processors are required to work faster with each successive generation and the consumer electronics market is expanding, the demand for compact power control circuits with high current capability is ever increasing. The MIC2039 switches feature an adjustable output current limit that is resistor programmable from 0.2A to 2.5A. To address higher current requirements, the MIC2039 can be implemented to provide 2x to 4x the maximum rated current by stacking the switches in a parallel circuit configuration using a single input supply.

Stacking multiple MIC2039 switches in parallel can provide from 5A to 10A to downstream circuits from a single input supply.

The MIC2039 switches also offer Kickstart, a unique feature that allows momentary high-current surges up to the secondary current limit during start-up or while operating in steady state. This is useful for charging loads with high inrush currents, such as large capacitors.After an over current condition is established, these witches enter into a constant current limit mode unless the die temperature exceeds the thermal shutdown specification.

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