App note: Inductive switching for dual 24 and 36 V High-side switch families (XS4200 and XSD200)

Another app note from NXP describing the behavior of the SMARTMOS Dual 24 – 36 V high-side switch devices, at switch OFF when driving inductive loads. Link here (PDF) These intelligent high-side switches are designed to be used in 24 V systems such as trucks and busses (XS4200). They can be used in industrial (XSD200) […]

app note: High-Side Switch Using LDO Regulator Controller

An old but good app note from Micrel using LDO Regulator as High Side switch controller. The Micrel MIC5158 Super LDO™ Voltage Regulator Controller can be used as a high-side switch driver that features a relatively accurate current limit. The part is normally intended for driving the MOSFET pass device of a voltage regulator. It […]