App note: Lithium-Ion cell fuel gauging with MAXIM battery monitors ICs

App note from Maxim Integrated on accurately measuring battery capacity by using battery monitors and fuel gauge plus software. Link here Determining the remaining charge of a Lithium-Ion cell accurately under real world conditions requires much more than just coulomb counting. The DS2438’s integrated current accumulator (ICA) provides an accurate measurement of cell capacity under […]

Tool battery teardowns: Craftsman 19.2V and Ridgid 12V

Russell Graves did teardown of a Craftsman 19.2V DieHard battery and a Ridgid 12V battery: It’s time for more tool battery teardowns!  This week, I’ve got a Craftsman 19.2V DieHard battery, and a cute little Ridgid 12V battery.  They’re both lithium, and I’m going to dig into both of them, because that’s what I do with […]

App note: Lithium-Ion battery recycling made easy

An app note from Maxim: Lithium-Ion battery recycling made easy This application note describes how to recycle lithium-ion (Li+) batteries from older devices for use in other electronic devices, such as toys. This can all be done without the need for a microcontroller (or the required software). One challenge is that the battery charger in these […]

BatLev, a LiFePo4 cell balancer

Blarson posted his project the BatLev, a LiFePo4 cell balancer  in the project log forum: Lithium Feric Phosphate cells are a lower engergy density variety of lithium-ion cells that don’t have the fire hazard and short life problems of the more common li-ion cells. They are popular for electric vehicles and are gradually making their […]

App note: USB HID lithium-ion battery charging via USB with ATmega16/32U4

This app note discusses how to use the Atmel® EVK527 evaluation kit to charge Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries using USB connection as power supply: This document (PDF!) describes an application running on the Atmel EVK527 evaluation kit. The EVK527 is dedicated to the Atmel ATmega16/32U4. The USB offers a 5V power supply on the VBUS pin. […]