HOW-TO: Create Eagle parts with pins that have the same name

Most chips have multiple power pins that need to be connected to the same power supply, but Eagle doesn’t allow you to give 2 different pins the same name. This short tutorial shows how to get around this and name multiple part pins the same thing. Keep reading below, see our other Eagle tutorials here.

Using servos with PIC16F microcontrollers

Raj wrote a tutorial on how-to implement servo control on PIC16F microcontrollers. The article starts off with some servo theory, and is followed with an open source practical example. A servo motor is a special geared DC motor equipped with an electronic circuit for controlling the direction of rotation, as well as the position, of […]

HOW-TO: Make parts in Cadsoft Eagle

Eagle’s popularity is partly due to the sheer number of parts and footprint libraries available for it. Sometimes you can’t find the part you need in an existing library though, and it’s time to make your own. Making a new part in Cadsoft Eagle can be intimidating for new users, but the guide below shows […]

How (not) to sell PCBs: PCB drawer first year sales breakdown

A while back we started selling Bus Pirate v3.5a-SOIC “DIY Edition” PCBs from the free PCB drawer for $3.95. Our informal survey and found that $5, including shipping, is a sweet spot for one board. So we hacked Zen Cart to accept PayPal for only one item, and started taking orders. With shipping, two boards […]

What are the topics you need to know to master microcontrollers?

Chuckt asked what goals important to master microcontrollers. There’s been some good suggestions so far, which are consolidated on the wiki: Basic Pins/port/direction (LED flashing) PWM (LED intensity) Advanced UART communication (when and how to use max232 chip) SPI communication I2C communication CAN communication Interrupts (pin – detect button press, UART – communication) Hardware timers Interfacing an […]