Seeed Studio’s Annual Big Sale Holiday: Seeeday!


Huge saving @ Seeeday! Collect Seeeday coupons for $0 shopping:

Seeeday comes from word “Seeed Day”. It is Seeedstudio’s special sale holiday, and it is a one day only event that takes place on the second Wednesday of December every year. It will be on December 9th this year. We offer screaming deals on various items on whole site.

Part 1:  Buy more, get more Seeeday Coupons (Nov. 23 – Dec. 7, 2015 EST)
Part2:  Crazy Flash Deals (Nov. 26, Nov. 27 and Nov. 30
Part3:  $0 Shopping with Seeeday Coupons on Seeeday! Let’s rock Seeeday!

Visit Seeed Studio’s promo page for details.

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