Pirateship Bus Pirate GUI

Ronan writes about a new Bus Pirate GUI he’s working on:

Hi. I’m reading about your “One Bus Pirate programs another” idea. Curiously enough, I had a pretty close idea to that.

Instead of just programming another PIC, I wrote a frontend to Bus Pirate’s basic commands. Right now, I’m working on implementing a plugin system to allow one to create interfaces for specific tasks, including that of programming another MCU. You can see and download it here. Help on ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Ronan says the code is unlicensed at the moment, but it will be hybrid/GPL once it’s ‘cleaned up’.

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      1. You know what would make it a great app? Availability on other platforms than Windows. I see it uses Qt, so no problem there.

  1. I am dismayed that there is no feature for sending commands via a text file. Like a script player using just the Bus Pirate internal commands. Or is this available and I’m just overlooking it?

  2. Simple but functional, excellent work!

    Could you add an option to select what version of BusPirate your using, which changes the pinout references on the right. I’m using the V2go which has +3v3 and ADC swapped. Small change but could save some confusion.


  3. Very nice, does this works with the 4.1 firmware?

    What would be cool is if it could execute a list of commands from a text file (like a perl script). I think that would make the PirateShip the end all program!

  4. Awesome! Going to the PirateShip site, I don’t see any info on plugins. Are the plugins in a forum/repository somewhere?

    Also, how would you install it? Or does PirateShip automatically load the plugin if it’s in the same directory?

  5. Ronan, great program. I’d like to add a plug-in to dump (or to dump-into) an EEPROM to a file. Do you have any details on the plug-in format, or is somethign I could work with you on?

    1. I’ve had some trouble lately getting some time to work on PirateShip enough to release it fully (the code really needs some cleanup), but I have a plugin example that can get you started right away. It’s a Qt Creator project. However you haven’t left your e-mail so I can send it.

  6. Hello,
    Can you please give a valid link for the Pirateship GUI, the link above here is not valid.
    I have worked with it in the past (2010) and it was very useful.


  7. Hi,
    The PirateShip site is offline for now. I have had serious problems with my hosting provider since the beginning of the year, and have just taken control of my domain again. I intend to put the site up still this weekend.

    Yet, if you already have the latest PirateShip version, I haven’t worked on it for a couple of years now, due to other work getting in the way.

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