GUINO Arduino GUI visualizer/debugger

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 in Arduino, library by the machinegeek

madshobye devised this graphical debugging console for Arduino while serving as an artist in residence at Instructables. He wanted a graphical means of visualizing what was occurring in an Arduino program. “It can be a tricky task to debug and visualize realtime data on the Arduino board. You are usually stuck with the standard serial output, as the complexity of your Arduino code grows this makes it impossible to comprehend what is actually going on inside the board. To solve this I have created a little library that will enable you to create your own custom GUI for your Arduino projects.”

Visit this Instructables page for more details, video of the program in action, and downloads.

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10 Responses to “GUINO Arduino GUI visualizer/debugger”

  1. JeshuaSan says:

    Great project!

    Link to the instructables page is broken

  2. Jan Ciger says:

    You seem to have a typo in the Instructables link.

  3. the machinegeek says:

    Thanks. Got it fixed.

  4. hak8or says:

    Very awesome, now to port this to PIC.

    If anyone is interested, the license is Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike as found in the readme.TXT

  5. JBeale says:

    README.TXT says “More info can be found here:” but I don’t see much specific to this project “GUINO” there apart from the link to Instructables. I’m curious about the host-side app, the GUINO Dashboard which apparently uses Openframeworks with ofxUI and Easytransfer. I found a blog post about ofxUI here which looks good, but I’m wondering if the actual source for GUINO is available.

  6. Looks good – not sure about communist red color. For debugging the Arduino sketch, we use Simulator for Arduino.

  7. naught101 says:

    Any chance of this getting put up on bitbucket or github?

  8. dadour13 says:

    hello and congratulation,
    do you have for guino dashboard for linux or debian.

  9. Interesujący layout Twojego bloga. Jak się nazywa?

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