Google Summer of Code 2014

Michael Ossmann, co-developer of the HackRF open source SDR platform, writes reminding us that the deadline for student’s entries for the Google Summer of Code 2014 is fast approaching.

If you or someone you know is a college student who would like to spend
the summer getting paid to work on open source source software, I hope
you are aware of Google Summer of Code.

Right now is the time for students to register (less than six days remain) and submit proposals.

GNU Radio, one of my favorite open source software projects, is a
mentoring organization for GSoC again this year. I encourage you to
take a look at the project ideas page and see if anything looks
interesting to you. In particular, Jared Boone of ShareBrained Technology (and significant Great Scott Gadgets contributor) has an exciting idea posted there for some software that I think would greatly improve the process of analysis and reverse engineering radio signals.

I don’t have any ideas posted there, but I am open to being a mentor
through GNU Radio. If you have a project idea that you think I would
like and that would benefit the GNU Radio community, feel free to run it
by me.

Good luck and happy hacking!

Via the contact form.

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