How to build beautiful enclosures from FR4 — AKA PCBS

Voja Antonic over at Hackaday posted a detailed how-to on building enclosure out of FR4— AKA PCBS: Another way is to build the enclosure out of FR4, a material which is commonly used in PCB production. Such enclosures are low-cost, with thin walls but yet very strong, nice looking, pleasant to the touch and have excellent […]

Is soldermask required for fine pitch IC soldering?

Intrigued about a discussion on the forum about whether soldermask is needed between fine pitch pads, Brian decided to test it. In the video of the test he placed solder paste on both the FR4 board material, and the soldermask, as well as some on a tined pad. Once done reflowing his results were in. Both the FR4 and the soldermask acted the […]