USB IR Toy firmware v06, bounty

USB Infrared toy firmware v06 is ready to download. The IR sample mode now includes a transmit command, see the updated documentation. This download contains the latest firmware, source, and hardware.

  • Changed versioning from v1.xx to Vxx (this release is v06 instead of v1.06)
  • Transmit added to IR sample mode
  • Transmit frequency adjustable in IR sample mode
  • Additions for the manufacturing update: version auto-detect, self-test, frequency measurement

Upgrade instructions are on the documentation wiki.

The next version will have some pretty major updates, what’s on your feature wishlist?

You can get the updated IR Toy hardware early by writing a plugin for EventGhost. Python hackers wanted!

The USB IR Toy is $20, including worldwide shipping. Every sale supports this open source project.

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    1. Thanks for the report. The first 1 is the hardware revision, the 06 is the firmware increment. We were just lazy and called the packages 1.06 (06 on hardware revision 1).

      A minor manufacturing update is on the way and it will run the exact same firmware but report v206. We want to be able to tell the difference for support reasons (and so applications can tell the hardware revision). Since both revision will run the same firmware, we though it would be confusing to continue the v1.xx package numbering.

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