EventGhost plugin for the IR Toy

EventGhost now supports the USB IR Toy directly via a new plugin, download it here. EventGhost is an open source program that converts remote control signals to actions on a computer.

The IR Toy already works with EventGhost in IRman-compatible mode and with the WinLIRC plugin. This new plugin adds direct support using the EventGhost protocol decoder.

This is the first release, and it’s far from perfect. Some protocols aren’t consistently recognized, and we need your help finding bugs and appreciate any reports. For the smoothest IR decoding we recommend using WinLIRC with EventGhost.

More plugin development in the forum. Plugin wiki.

The USB IR Toy is $20, including worldwide shipping.

Here’s a few issues we’ve encountered:
The IR Toy inter-pulse measurement can be up to 1.7 seconds long. The end of data flag for the IR Toy (0xffff) comes 1.7 seconds after the last IR activity. As it is now, EventGhost doesn’t try to decode the signal until the end of data flag.

RC5 toggle bits are not decoded correctly, maybe related to above issue.

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