Global Geek Tour: Lunch at Kwang Jang Market in Cheonggyecheon

Kwang Jang Market is at the far end of the¬†Cheonggyecheon area. It’s the perfect place to take a break from your tour and grab some lunch. We included this on the¬†Cheonggyecheon map and our Google Map layer.

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  1. Eat first -ask what it is/was later (if you liked it).

    First rule of eating somewhere that you don’t know the language.

  2. I spent a month out in the rural sections of South Korea and had a lot of really good food. Since we were outside of Seoul, we were never quite sure what we were eating, but it was all excellently prepared and quite delicious. We were there just in time for the pepper harvest, an extra bonus.

  3. Korean food is great… I have been here in Korea for 7 years and there is very little that I wont eat (some things are just “iffy”) but if I am not sure, I just eat wherever Korean students eat as they usually don’t stray too far from the norm (like some older Koreans do).

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