Global Geek Tour: Cheonggyecheon maze of electronic component stores

The northwest quarter is primarily through-hole electronics parts, switches, probes and sensors – all our favorite market stuff. Pathways snake by stands and shops the size of garages.

Like at Yongsan, most shops have a product display in the window, and orders are filled from big bags. We guess this part is bigger than the similar maze of shops that run though Akihabara in Tokyo.

Continue below for a look at some of the shops.

Window displays show what’s available. Orders are filled from big bags of parts. Most shops in Akihabara allow self-service, there’s very little self-service in Cheonggyecheon.

Tool, material, and, of course, LED shops, line the main streets that surround the labyrinth of smaller stands.

A tiny covered tunnel leads to more shops and more pathways behind this relay stand.

Paths often run into a building, and then exit into more outdoors stands on the other side. Most of the windows show sample displays.

More lighting and LED stores on the main street surround the electronic component labyrinth.

Fan inventory on display.

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