Giant Digi-Comp II Recreates Mechanical Computer from 1960s

From the comments on our earlier Mechanical Donkey Kong post: I love this kind of stuff. Here’s another one, totally mechanical, that you may not have seen before: Giant Digi-Comp II Recreates Mechanical Computer from 1960s Maker Faire NY 2011 and the Digi-Comp II Via the comments.

App note: High power LED driver with PIC12F675

A current controlled buck converter for driving high-power LEDs. The PIC12F675 microcontroller has an integrated comparator, which in combination with a low pass filter provides a control circuit for the SMPS. The circuit is based on a buck topology switching power supply using the on-chip comparator peripheral within the PIC12F675 microcontroller. The switching power supply […]

App note: Porting the Helix MP3 decoder to PIC32MX microcontrollers

Microchip shows how to port the open source Helix MP3 decoder algorithm to the PIC32MX family of microcontrollers. This algorithm was designed be used by both floating point processors, and fixed point processors like the PIC32. Application note describes the procedure to port the open source Helix MP3 decoder algorithm onto Microchip’s PIC32MX 32-bit microcontrollers […]

3D Model: Bus Blaster v2.0a1

Our latest 3D model is the Bus Blaster v2.0a1. We continued to play around with Maxwell’s free rendering plugin for SketchUp. We reduced the gloss on plastic components, as per Jerome’s advice, for even more realistic rendering. Thanks Jerome. The models will be published in the Dangerous Prototypes 3D warehouse collection. They are also uploaded […]

App note: Designing with ultra fast comparators

Here is an app note from Linear Technology covering the problems and solutions of designing circuits with ultra-high speed comparators. More specifically the problems associated with using their LM1394 7ns single supply comparator. The mechanics and subtleties of achieving precision circuit operation at DC and low frequency have been well documented. Relatively little has appeared […]

App note: High-Speed PWM module on PIC24E and dsPIC33E

Here’s a reference guide from Microchip about the high-speed PWM modules found on some PIC24E and dsPIC33E microcontrollers and digital signal processors. This module is a advanced version of the standard ECCP pulse-width modulator on PIC microcontrollers. It’s designed mainly for power conversion and electric motor control. The feature list is impressive: Up to seven […]

Krohn-Hite DC voltage standard teardown & calibration

Dave reviewed the Krohn-Hite DC Voltage precision power supply he bought. After checking if it was working within specs, he proceeded to open it up and see what it was made of. There were a few surprises inside, like the resistor voltage dividers were in the standard Kelvin topology, instead of the more precise Kelvin-Varley […]

CubeSpawn an open source manufacturing system

CubeSpawn open source manufacturing system: Eventually it will have a metal cutting milling machine, a lathe, a surface grinder, a RepRap module and many other capabilities. It is completely open source and my goal is that whoever decide to build these cubes will be able to exchange designs and programs between them. Via the contact […]

OHANDA: Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance

OHANDA, the Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance is an initiative to foster sustainable sharing of open hardware and design. The idea is for designers and manufacturers of open source hardware who wish their work to conform to the “Four Freedoms” of open source hardware to label their work the above “OH&A” insignia, thus making […]