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  1. Hi Ian,

    You said,

    “This is a test using a WordPress post instead of twitter. Let us know if it gets too petty.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by “…if it gets too petty.”

    Looks like any other DP Forum post to me. I’m in Firefox 15.0 browser (likely latest as of my post date & time) with all scripting blocked. If you see this comment then all is good (for me anyway)…

    1. I used to tweet live updates on twitter. Started to work out how to host pictures on teh blog, etc, and instead found a posting app for android. Now I can post this stuff straight to the blog, but it might get petty and better belong somewhere out of the way like twitter.

  2. Nothing is too petty for the Blog. Remember many of us don’t have the desire nor time to chase around several sources of information. Blogs, syndicated feeds, NNTP, twitter, facebook, Email, podcasts… It just gets overwhelming. Don’t let your source of public information become fragmented. Only my opinion of-course.

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