Diy Superprobe

Posted on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 in PIC, tools, Uncategorized by SQKYbeaver

Ben Ryves built his own version of the superprobe. having no need for some of the standard features he has modified the source for additional functionality. there is an excellent video of Ben demonstrating his superprobe after the break.

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6 Responses to “Diy Superprobe”

  1. Matthew says:

    Very nice project, and a very nice explanation/demo! (Very horrible tablecloth, however.)

    I gotta build me one of these…

  2. Mawitö says:

    also there’s another interesting project based on an atmega8:

    This one test semiconductors. But what i miss is ers meter in both of them.


  3. Jim Narem says:

    There’s a pretty interesting PIC based ESR meter at
    and the test equipment section over at
    has a lot of discussion about ESR meters in general:

  4. Mawitö says:

    woo woo a lot of info, thanks a lot Jim i owe you. :)

    I saw some posts on the subject but they did the measure with an osciloscope.


  5. Brian says:

    I think he is aiming for a gig as a TV presenter frankly…

  6. Bob Alexander says:

    I built one of these a few tears ago and put in an exotic wood enclosure. You can see it at

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