Universal PIC programming adapter

Development of the Bus Pirate PIC programmer involves testing a bunch of different chips. This $10 universal programming adapter from Sure Electronics will be really handy. This board doesn’t actually program any chips. It’s an adapter that accepts a lot of different 18-40pin PIC chips and connects the programming pins to a header. The ZIF […]

Bus Pirate PIC programmer release

PiratePICprog executable and source are available on the Bus Pirate Google Code page. PiratePICprog is a new application that uses the Bus Priate to program PIC microcontrollers. V1 only supports the PIC 18F24J50 in the Open Logic Sniffer, but is has 18F and 24F script modes for prototyping other chip protocols. It requires Microsoft’s .net […]

Bus Pirate PIC 18F24J50 programmer update

We’ve been working on a PIC 24F programmer for the Bus Pirate, now we’re working on PIC18F24J50 support. PIC 24Fs and the 18F ‘J’ parts can be programmed directly by the Bus Pirate because they are 3.3volt chips that don’t require a separate programming voltage. 18FJ support means the Bus Pirate can reprogram any Logic […]

Bus Pirate PIC24F programmer

This post is an overview of a test app that uses the Bus Pirate’s binary rawwire mode to program another Bus Pirate. This could be a handy way to unbrick one Bus Pirate with another. Eventually, we’d like it to program all PICs that don’t require a 13volt programming voltage (18FJ/FK, 24F, 30F, and 33F). […]

Open Programmer v0.7.x

Alberto Maccioni designed this multi-chip opensource programmer based on a PIC18F2550. Currently it supports PIC, I2C-SPI-MicroWire EEPROMs, some ATMEL AVRs, and (soon) other devices. It even supports some PIC 24Fs, like the 24Fj64GA002 used on the Bus Pirate. In the last few years, as serial and parallel interfaces have almost disappeared, electronics enthusiasts find even […]

Bus Pirate PIC programmer update

PIC 12/16/18/ds30 programming support for the Bus Pirate is progressing. Sean Nelson, a regular contributor to the Bus Pirate project, submitted a patch that adds serial port support to usbpicprog. The Linux patch compiles, but the Windows port still has some bugs. The picture shows our prototype 13volt power supply for the PIC programmer. It’s […]