Bus Pirate PIC 18F24J50 programmer update

Posted on Monday, May 24th, 2010 in Bus Pirate, logic analyzer, programmers by Ian

We’ve been working on a PIC 24F programmer for the Bus Pirate, now we’re working on PIC18F24J50 support. PIC 24Fs and the 18F ‘J’ parts can be programmed directly by the Bus Pirate because they are 3.3volt chips that don’t require a separate programming voltage.

18FJ support means the Bus Pirate can reprogram any Logic Sniffers with firmware or bootloader problems. Our long-term goal is for all projects we’re involved with to be repairable with the Bus Pirate.

The current version of the Bus Pirate programmer software will now successfully erase a PIC 24FJ64GA002 or 18F24J50, read the chip ID, and program a block of flash. You can grab it from SVN.

Next, we’ll add the ability to read a HEX file and write it to the chip. Look for a test release later this week. We’re looking for any interested testers to give us a shout in the forum.

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3 Responses to “Bus Pirate PIC 18F24J50 programmer update”

  1. Rob T. says:

    Good to hear about the progress in programming PICs.

    Will the bus pirate be able to program the 18F2550 in the USB IR Toy?

    I think I read that the 18F2550 can be programmed at 5V (or what ever it is operating at).


    • Sjaak says:


      The buspirate will eventually write all pics. Out of the box it can only program 5/3.3v PICs and with the help of an adapter it can also program the 12v parts. We are working on the adapter (should be near completion).

      • Sjaak says:

        With out of the box I meant without an adaptor, we are hard working on the software side of things. More information is in the forums.

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