JTAG XSVF player for the Bus Pirate

A new alternative firmware for the Bus Pirate programs JTAG devices like the CPLD development boards using standard (X)SVF programming files. ¬†We also whipped up a PC utility that sends the files to the Bus Pirate from the command prompt. Download the package here. SVF is a common programming format used in manufacturing. It’s a […]

WIFI router rescue with tjtag and Arduino

tjtag is an open source WIFI router rescue utility by our friend tornado. It uses a parallel programming cable to write firmware back into a bricked router. Now zoobab has ported jtjag to work with the Arduino as a programmer. If you don’t have a parallel port, just use an Arduino to rescue that router. […]

Bus Blaster v2: JTAG Serial Wire Debug support

A KT-link buffer clone supporting JTAG Serial Wire Debug is now available for Bus Blaster v2 pre-release testers. This should support the new 2-wire SWD debugging protocol when available in OpenOCD and urJTAG. The KT-link is the first FT2232-based JTAG debugger with support for the new SWD and SWV JTAG interface used on low pin […]

LibSWD: JTAG serial wire debug library

libswd is an open source library for the new 2-wire JTAG protocol called Serial Wire Debug. The developer is currently working to integrate it with OpenOCD and urJTAG. Most open source projects supporting SWD seem to be standardizing on the KT-link style FT2232 programmer. The CPLD on Bus Blaster v2 can imitate the KT-link buffer, […]

27C3: Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques

Nathan Fain and Vadik presented at the 27C3 Chaos Communications Congress held recently in Berlin, Germany, on a topic of interest to us all: JTAG/Serial/FLASH/PCB Embedded Reverse Engineering Tools and Techniques. Check out their webpage for full documentation and analysis.

Versaloon programmer

Versaloon is a full-opensource platform for multiple applications, including a programmer, debugger, logic tester, logic analyzer and simple oscilloscope. It’s based on generic USB_TO_XXX protocol, which can support more than 10 kinds of interfaces including JTAG, SWD, SPI, IIC and so on. USB_TO_XXX is not only used to control these interfaces, but also it can […]

Bus Pirate JTAG

The Bus Pirate can be used as an ARM JTAG debugger with OpenOCD. Joby Taffey set up the OpenOCD/Bus Pirate tool chain, and used it to work with a Stellaris LM3S9B90 (ARM Cortex-M3). Get a Bus Pirate for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in […]

Bus Blaster: High speed USB to JTAG, SPI, UART

The Bus Pirate can program flash chips with flashrom and debug JTAG devices with OpenOCD, but it doesn’t do these things very fast. It was designed for human-speed interaction. The Bus Pirate is a good way to learn an EEPROM chip, but you eventually integrate the chip in a real circuit with actual code. In […]