Entertainment: Copyright-free music

MusOpen has raised over $13,000 to record classical music for the public domain. The complete symphonies of Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, and Tchaikovsky will be recorded.  These pieces have been free from copyright for a long time, but most recorded performances have a separate copyright. This isn’t hacking related, but we’re always happy to see new […]

1st Place at Digilent Design Contest

YourITronics’ BlueRover project won first place at the 6th annual Digilent Design Contest. The idea of a remote controlled rover excites almost every electronics student and when we heard about the Digilent contest we realized that we have the possibility to make such a project real. We decided to build our own remote controlled rover but it […]

Make's PCB etching tutorial

We enjoyed this (sponsored) segment from Make about etching circuit boards. Like Collin, we got our start etching boards we found on the web, at first with toner transfer and later UV photo masking. We didn’t know how the circuits worked, but it was still exciting to build something cool. Our current method for single-sided […]

Twistmas Tree

Marisa tipped us to another interactive Christmas tree that uses Twitter. Alpay Kasal’s Twistmas Tree uses Processing to scrape Twitter search results for keywords. Ornaments with holiday keywords blink when new search results are found. A netbook running Processing with Twitter4J is used for performing searches of predetermined holiday words and generates a queue of […]

Make's 2009 open source hardware guide

Dangerous Prototypes made it into Make’s open source hardware guide 2009! We got interested in open source hardware while reading Make and Hack a Day, this is a really special accomplishment for us. Our hackable LED Christmas ornament is featured on the cover. The web platform, #twatch, and Bus Pirate are all listed in the […]