Missing Cadsoft Eagle 6.x libraries for Linux

Mick M. posted the missing Cadsoft Eagle 6.x libraries for Linux:  I finally tracked down the libraries to allow installation of the latest version. This will get you out of “dependency-hell” . Hopefully Cadsoft will statically link the next release. They work for me on Fedora 17 and Mint 13. Read the instructions below.

PARTS LIBRARY: 85×56 credit card sized standard PCB template

There’s now a 85mm x 56mm credit card sized standard PCB template in our Eagle parts library. Thanks to TonyD for the suggestion. These standard board templates to take the hassle out of pretty edges and consistent mounting hole placement. We’ve been using them for a few months, and quietly lasered a few test cases that […]

PARTS LIBRARY: 2×07 0.1″ pitch shrouded pin header

We added a 2×07 0.1″ pitch shrouded pin header in our Eagle parts library. We extended the shrouded header footprint, as the previous version was slightly smaller than the actual part. We also updated the 2×5 and 2×6 headers. This header could possibly replace the 12 pin header on Bus Pirate v4. The v4 2×6 […]

PARTS LIBRARY: Bourns 3306F trimmer resistor

After a few problems with standard Eagle trimmer footprints, we added the Bourns 3306F trimmer to our Eagle parts library. It seems to be a pretty common-ground footprint. We used a larger than recommended pin-hole diameter so it will work with other common trimmers too. We use trimmers as adjustable voltage dividers, such as for […]

EAGLE PART: Incremental encoder with switch

Rotary encoders are an easy way to add user input to a project, especially for stuff like menu selections. Turn the knob left and right, push down to select an option. We’ve used encoders in several recent projects. One problem we had was that the knob overlapped another part. After a quick measurement with digital […]

HOW-TO: Create Eagle parts with pins that have the same name

Most chips have multiple power pins that need to be connected to the same power supply, but Eagle doesn’t allow you to give 2 different pins the same name. This short tutorial shows how to get around this and name multiple part pins the same thing. Keep reading below, see our other Eagle tutorials here.

HOW-TO: Build 3D models from Eagle files

Overview Over the last few weeks we’ve been building 3D models of our projects in Google SketchUp using the EagleUp script. This script makes a 3D model of the board from Cadsoft Eagle board (.brd) files, and populates it with pre-existing models of components. Once you have a 3D model in SketchUp you are free […]

Large plot data warning from Cadsoft Eagle CAM processor

Today we got a new warning from Eagle’s CAM processor when exporting gerbers to make PCBs. When the CAM processor started we got the error “Board contains a polygon that may cause extremely large plot data”. After some removing nearly every component from the PCB, we found that it was related to the arrows on […]