Missing Cadsoft Eagle 6.x libraries for Linux

Posted on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 in Eagle, library by DP

Mick M. posted the missing Cadsoft Eagle 6.x libraries for Linux:

 I finally tracked down the libraries to allow installation of the latest version. This will get you out of “dependency-hell” . Hopefully Cadsoft will statically link the next release. They work for me on Fedora 17 and Mint 13.

Read the instructions below.

  • Download Eagle
  • Make executable: “sudo chmod +x”
  • Unzip libraries: “tar -xvf eagle-libraries.tar.gz”
  • Copy to the correct place: “sudo cp eagle-libraries/* /usr/lib”
  • Then you can run the installer: “sudo ./”
  • The executable is here: /opt/eagle-6.2.0/bin/eagle
  • Enjoy!
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2 Responses to “Missing Cadsoft Eagle 6.x libraries for Linux”

  1. Hamza says:

    An alternative method (which has the advantage of knowing where your .so files come from!) :

  2. Jorge Garcia says:

    From beta 6.2.1 forward EAGLE statically links the libjpeg and libpng libraries which should alleviate the dependency issues.

    There is also a really easy way to get the libraries, e-mail me. You may contact me and I’ll be more than happy to send the files over to you. You simply extract the zip file and store the libraries in your usr/lib folder(usr/lib32 folder if you’re on a 64-bit machine).

    After that the installer should run without issue.

    Jorge Garcia
    Cadsoft Support

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