Video: Talk MIDI with the Bus Pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Here’s a video tutorial on how to set up the Bus Prate for the MIDI protocol from Bent-Tronics: Until now there hasn’t been much on the interwebs on how to set up the Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate for decoding MIDI data. Here’s my contribution, which happens to be on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. More […]

Controlling Bus Pirate with Python

Scott W Harden writes, “After using the AVR-ISP mkII for years (actually the cheap eBay knock-offs) to program ATMEL AVR microcontrollers, today I gave the Bus Pirate a shot. Far more than just a microcontroller programmer, this little board is basically a serial interface to basic microcontroller peripherals.” Full details at SWHarden homepage. Get your own handy […]

C64/SX64 RAM Cartridge (SD2IEC part)

Sjaak designed and built a C64 RAM/ROM cartridge, which has a 6264 SRAM chip and an Atmel 644.  He did program an Atmega with a Bus Pirate: Today came in the Atmega644P’s in TQFP package I scored on eBay. Today I’m focusing on the SD2IEC part of the RAM cartridge. I was a bit scary to order […]

DroidScript, Bus Pirate helper app for your Android device

JamesNewton writes, “I finally managed to write a USB OTG helper script for talking to the Bus Pirate.  The biggest problem I have with the Bus Pirate is that on the human side it speaks in very terse, hard to remember, codes. The point of this script is to make that easy by providing a […]

Bus Pirate SPI sniffer using RealTerm for highspeed transfer

pyblendnet-js  writes: The Bus Pirate has at least three other out-of-the-box methods of sniffing SPI data from a Master and Slave communication: – The Bus Pirate GUI – Bus Pirate SPI Sniffer Utility – Third party tools such as the Sump Logic Analyzer Client – an example here. I believe the fastest of these may […]

ESP8266 firmware flashing with a Bus Pirate

Jonathan Endersby writes, “Flashing the firmware on an ESP8266 is apparently not so straight forward. This is the process I used to get it to work reliably.” Via Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.

DIY csCNC – 2 (Linistepper driver and testing with Bus Pirate)

Oakkar7 has a nice build log on his DIY csCNC, he writes: Since I started building DIY CNC, I checked the free, opensource motor controller. There are several alternatives. I chose linisteppr controller. – Simple and cheap (my first priority :) ) and I can source required parts locally –  microstepping, open design (Especially, it’s […]

Bus Pirate support in Python3 for I2C scripting

Steve aka hwstar writes, “I just wanted to let you know that I modified the python Buspirate file and the file to support Python 3.4 for a project I’m working on, and wanted to share these files with the community as they are open source. I uploaded the modified files to Github. These files […]

Talk SPI to EEPROM part3: Test SPI Protocol with Bus Pirate

Jan Cumps tested out SPI Protocol using a Bus Pirate: It wasn’t my initial intention to use the Bus Pirate. But my first naive attempts to talk from Hercules to EEPROM failed. I could create the SPI instructions with the LaunchPad, but I didn’t get a reply back from the 25LC256. It’s in these cases that […]

LED strip testing with Bus Pirate

Drew tested out some addressable RGB LEDs he bought during Hacker Camp, using a Bus Pirate.    Via Shenzhen_hacker_hole WeChat group. The LDP6803 uses SPI for communication. A power supply and a Bus Pirate and I was able to change colors without code. The chip uses a 7bit encoding of colors so setting individual colors can’t […]

Programming Arduino Pro Mini with Bus Pirate

Dana Harding writes: Program an Arduino Pro Mini 328 [sparkfun] board using a Bus Pirate. I tried setting up the Bus Pirate as a transparent bridge for UART to use the Arduino boot loader. I got as far as manually sending 0x30 0x20, and receiving a 0x10 0x14 – establishing communication over UART… But couldn’t get […]

Bus Pirate: Custom UART baud rates

Emil of wrote an article on how to use custom UART baudrates on a Bus Pirate: I made Bus Pirate-baud rate to help when setting custom UART baud rates on the #buspirate. Easier than binary downloads. Via Twitter. Get an assembled Bus Pirate for $30, including world-wide shipping. Also available from our friendly distributors.  

Free PCB the other way around

Last week Sjaak got a free PCB and a small SMD antenna from a user called Claude on the forum . Claude made the board using As Sjaak is a huge fan of QFN chips he went straight to his mancave and started to assemble the board. Close-up of the soldered QFN chip under a USB microscope. There were […]