Workshop Update for February 4th, 2013

Posted on Monday, February 4th, 2013 in Workshop Update by DP


Got solder paste dispenser working with .1 second interval and about 50 psi. Solder paste makes a big difference. Sparkle paste we tried first was almost impossible to dispense and harder to control. A cheapie tub of “Mechanic” paste from eBay (thanks Sjaak!) works great though.

We did have to up the reflow oven temperature from 200c to 210c to fully cook a big board, but it didn’t scorch or brown the silk this time.

Plotting for Maker Faire Shenzhen, China, which is most likely first weekend of April. Will we fly Aeroflot? Looks like it…

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  1. Tre says:

    Have you tested how well the reflow oven controls temperature? Be interesting to see how well the oven actually sticks to its target temperature profile. Also interesting to see if the temperature is even across the whole drawer space.

  2. vimark says:

    You could change DSO language by:
    1. press Utility(button)
    2. press third button from the bottom near screen
    3. Select English using navi knob
    4. press navi knob

  3. neslekkim says:

    Did you buy an DSO also? any info about that?

  4. vimark says:

    Yes, bought it via ebay last week

  5. vimark says:

    I’m still learning on how to use it, since I’ve only got my hands on an analog osc back at the university. So far I’m satisfied with it and quite happy with the built-in function like auto measure, cursors which you set somewhat crosshair on the signal and get the difference which are not on the old analog scopes.

    One thing is that the included manual inside the box were in Chinese and I can’t use it, but there’s an English manual on the CD, btw I’m having problems with USB driver for it as its not in the included CD

    I’ve got it from gadgetextreme on ebay for USD348.99 free shipping but unfortunately they shipped it via DHL instead of EMS (registered mail) because of the size as they said and had to pay additional USD25 for it :(

    • Erland Lewin says:

      I see the specs for the scope say the display resolution is only 480 x 234 – does that bother you?

      • Ian says:

        Its the first hands on experience I have with a /digital/ scope. It doesn’t bother me at all for what we needed it for. In all respects though, I do prefer a $60 used analog scope to be honest, but that’s harder to take quick screenshots to post online.

      • Trev says:

        I have been using this same scope myself for a year or so. I have found the wide screen and it’s overall size to be decent. The screenshots are not brilliant when saved as bmp files though.

        I originally was looking at the Owon sds7102 scope as these have a better display and battery option but for reasons out of my control I ended up with this one. It has served me well to date but I always think the Owon would have been better. The Owon also has greater memory depth.

      • neslekkim says:

        Anyone looked at bitscope? ->

      • Ian says:

        Extensively! It was the project that got me started building logic analyzers.

      • neslekkim says:

        Is it any good?, the bitscope is kinda expensive, but if you get an decent scope+LA in the same box, and if it isn’t bogged down due to USB and such, its very tempting to get one.
        Maybe check if they create an USB3 version..
        Regarding the OLS, would USB3 version be difficult?, to increase the sampling rates etc?

  6. Aaron Dayton says:

    That’s the same Oscope I bought off ebay.

    Are there any hacks mods for it yet?


  7. Dan says:

    So are you guys moving into manufacture, or is this just to help out testing the harder stuff like BGA? I think it would be awesome to have a pick’n’place, a paste dispenser and a reflow oven but I personally wouldn’t use it so much. If it got to the point where I was regularly doing a board a day then I guess it would be a great time saver.

    • Ian says:

      Not moving to manufacturing, that is a bit boring for us I think :) However we have SO many boards backed up waiting to be stuffed if we can automate any of the process it will relieve a lot of the pressure on me. Also – the tools were the right price so it was a great opportunity to get hands on experience with this stuff to help make manufacturing more efficient (and cheap!).

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