PCB a Week 7: Mains log sensor


Mats continues his challenge of designing one PCB every week. In week 7 he designed a voltage and frequency logger for household mains power supply. The device is designed around the ATtiny45 microcontroller which records the frequency and voltage, and passes measurements through an onto-coupler to an isolated logging board.

This week I’ll just finalize and order a board that I started on earlier. It’s the sensor board for the mains (wall power) logger that will collect statistics about voltages and exact frequencies over a period of time.

The project will be split up to two pcb’s. The first board is this PAW – the sensor board that makes the actual measurements and sends the data to the second board. The second board that I’ll do in a later PAW will handle the storing, calculation and display of the received data.

Via the forum.

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