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  1. I would not have used the ADR510 reference in this application. The 70ppm drift is pretty bad. Better parts are the LT1461 from Linear Technology, the new MAX6070/MAX6071 parts are nice. The MAX 63XX series (e.g. MAX6325/41/50) are also interesting. But there are always trade-offs. Do always run your reference off a battery though.

    * +/-0.04% Initial Accuracy
    * 1.5ppm/°C (typ), 6ppm/°C (max) Temperature Drift
    * 4.8µVP-P Noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz) at 2.5V
    * 85dB Ripple Rejection
    * Noise Filter Option
    * 200mV Dropout
    * 150µA Supply Current
    * 10mA Source/Sink Load Current
    * 6-Pin SOT23

    1. As it happens I was just searching for a voltage reference when I came across these: (attempting a link in the face of spam moderation) – Touchstonesemi voltage-references They claim to be more stable than MAXIM but only seem to offer 2.5V output. I’ ma lookin for 2.048 and 4.096v.

  2. Confucius say: ” man who measure PRECISION reference with ghetto multimeter is like man who uses piece of string as ruler”

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