Workshop Update for November 29th, 2012

Posted on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Ian visits Tokyo’s Akihabara electric town, and rides the second coolest escalator ever. Goes up, then flat, the up some more. In case you’re wondering the best escalator was a circular one in Hong Kong Times Square.

We continue to work on our xQFP breakout board updates.

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4 Responses to “Workshop Update for November 29th, 2012”

  1. Matseng says:

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport have the same “down-flat-down” escalators down towards the Airport Rail Link station…

  2. hak8or says:

    Well, it makes sense for them to have the escalators set up as up, flat, and up again in this situation I think. If you had the escalator going up, then just normal ground with nowhere to go but on the second escalator, you are bound to get someone slow or someone stopping to pick up a dropped item or someone just being a total boob. In such a situation where the “buffer zone” is so small, you are going to get a VERY dangerous situation on that little piece of non moving ground.

    I have seen situations in my university when students wrap around the exit of the escalator causing a blockage of sort, and the people on the escalator have nowhere to go but up, so you get crushing going on where the escalator meets flat ground. Of course you eventually get people yelling plenty of expletives at the geniuses standing near the exit of the escalator blocking people from getting off, or someone pressing the emergency break butting thing, but in between that short 15 second or so gap, someone can get seriously hurt by having something pulled into the escalator or just a somewhat panic and crushing combination.

    Meh, you humans and your unusual mob physcology :P

  3. DarthFunyon says:

    Speaking of escalators, the Yokohama Landmark Tower building has a spiral one…

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